About Us

OVOTEK Ltd. has existed for over 30 years and is one of the biggest companies in its branch in Poland. Initially the company dealt with rearing hens in the bedding system. In the early 90’s poultry cage rearing technologies have been installed in all premises. This solution resulted in a significant increase in the production of consumption egg. In 2000 we made a decision to build a processing plant of egg. We selected most modern production line to meet the standards of the European Union and enjoy the approval of our Customers.
For the production of pasteurized liquid egg we use exclusively the raw material from own farms, equipped with systems that meet the requirements of the 1997/74/EC European Directive. Modern technology, fresh raw material of high quality, current and detailed control of the technological parameters, compliance of procedures related to the maintenance of cleanliness and hygiene of production, full certification of materials- all these guarantee healthiness and durability of our products.

Farm and egg processing plant is under constant veterinary- sanitary control, what allows to monitor the quality of our products constantly. At the beginning of 2004 the company obtained the consent of the District Veterinary Officer to sell egg products on the EU market.

Our range covers the whole country and, with individual agreements, countries of Europe. We have our own cooling transport, as well as we cooperate with transport and shipping company that specializes in the transport of temperature- controlled goods (in accordance with the requirements of HACCP and ISO), what provides our customers with excellent quality of product delivered.